Christmas 2014 Opening Times: A News Flash

So here’s the thing. We’ve been a bit busy recently. This cafe thing of ours is keeping us running around like headless simorghs*. The nice people at Time Out and the Evening Standard said the nicest things about us, and so now our two and a half tables have become 8 and a half tables and we have had to cancel all shore leave. So we’d like to apologise if we have been neglecting you a bit. Gone are the days where Mrs.S. could sit in the office posting inanities on Twitter, blogging and filing her nails. In fact, gone are her nails. After years of trying to get out of catering, Mr. and Mrs. S are right back into the thick of it – and loving every minute therein. The good news is we have hopefully recruited some help. And we are planning to install all sorts of mod cons (like a loo) in the New Year. Watch this space….

In the meantime, we are still posting out mail orders as fast as the Persepolitan Elf Team can get them together. They will not now arrive for Christmas unless you call us – that way we can expedite matters for you. But hey: in a lot of the Mediterranean gifts are given on 12th night, so really you’ve got loads of shopping days left…

We will be open until around 3pm on Christmas Eve. There is a very fine line between gentle souls buying last minute gifts and feral, rampant desperados, so we try to shut in that little window before the latter start hammering on the door. And then we will be open again on Saturday 27th December from around 3pm. After that we are open again right through, including New Years Day when we will be cooking up a fine range of morning-after-the-night-before fare 😉

It only remains for us to wish you a top Christmas and a wonderful, corner-shaped New Year.

*legendary giant chicken with super powers