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Nowrooz 2022/1401

Nowrooz 2022Mr. Shopkeeper always enjoys his official birthday… It’s that time of year again. The time when our shop fills with jolly Iranians and a whole load of apparently random things. We have, for your further pub quiz/crossword/general edification replicated our trusty guide to Nowrooz herebelow. Which should fully explain the random things. We are…

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Persepolis: the book of the cafe of the t-shirt of the shop. Or something.

Ta dah! Our new book baby is now out. Just in time for Christmas, by some strange coincidence… Persepolis is basically Veggiestan II – i.e. a crazy English woman’s tour of Middle Eastern vegetable stuff – but the recipes are all new and you do not need to have read Veggiestan to understand the thrills…

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